Brett & Liz

Scooters- coffee- and a camera

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The Carlsbad flower fileds are in bloom and they are absolutely gorgeous.  I hadn’t been since I was a kid and it was Brett’s first time.  I have to say though that the fields were much larger than I remembered.

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It just doesn’t feel like winter unless we have thrown ourselves down a snowy mountain at least once.  January is usually our month of choice to venture up the 395 to our beloved Mammoth, but this year the snow was a bit sparse to justify our trip and we were forced to reschedule.  But alas our winter will now feel complete.  We spent 3 wonderful days gliding down the snowy slopes and were blessed with an inch of fresh snow to end the trip.  

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Hey I sharpened the knives by rubbing two of them together! Desperate times call for desperate measures
Best quote of the day from my dad. (back story is that we are attempting to cook with minimal supplies in the mammoth rental cabin.)